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Highway driving guide to Alamos, Sonora, Mexico from Tucson, AZ, USA

November 2017: RimJournal will no longer post a driving guide as we are not traveling frequently enough to keep the guide current. That became apparent in November when traveling to Magdalena. That weekend Km 21 was closed. I've heard it's now open, but obviously I can't do updates anymore.

Thanks for the emails. I may post interesting background on places along the road at a future date, so check back. It's been fun to do the log!

The trip between Tucson and Alamos is still easy and safe on the 4-lane divided toll road the length of Sonora.

  • Tucson to Alamos is approximately 475 miles (760 km). It takes about 9-10 hours, including one hour to complete Mexican immigration. (Immigration can take longer, especially around holidays. Thousands of people are driving south the week before Christmas and everything backs up.)
  • To divide it into a two day trip, overnight at the beach resorts of Guaymas and San Carlos or the state capitol of Hermosillo.
  • We wish you a wonderful journey and stay in the beautiful town of Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.

    If you are traveling through Tucson, see Desert bed and breakfasts.

    Events calendar, Alamos, Sonora, Mexico

    AlamosMexico.com at http://www.alamosmexico.com/ has current information and links for hotels, businesses, language courses and much more.

    El Pedregal Mexico at www.ElPedregalMexico.com and www.Solipaso.com run birding and other tours in Mexico.

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