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Firearms in Mexico

United States citizens who accidentally carry a single firearm into Mexico may not face long jail terms. Instead they will:

However, this exception does not apply if the weapon is one reserved for exclusive use by the Mexican military. Anyone caught carrying these firearms may be sentenced to 5 to 30 years in a Mexican prison.

Someone who is caught with multiple firearms not in the military category, or who commits a repeat offense with such weapons, also faces 3 to 10 years in prison.

At the very least it will cost lots of time (months or years in a Mexican jail) and thousands of US Dollars in lawyer fees to get out.

The best thing is not to take firearms into Mexico unless you are on a pre-arranged hunting excursion, are very familiar with the laws and have the right permits.

Prohibited firearms:

This information is from The Arizona Daily Star, February 24, 1999. Neither the Star nor RimJournal is responsible for its accuracy.

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