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Bus service between Alamos, Sonora, Mexico and Tucson, AZ, USA

If your car won't get you there...it's better by bus!

[Old sedan with steer horns tied onto the hood parked in front of the Alamos town market: 38k]

There is daily express bus service via TUFESA USA LLC and then local buses to Alamos, Mexico from Tucson, Phoenix, and Nogales, Arizona, USA.

The southbound trip averages about 12 hours between Tucson and Alamos, but return trips may take much longer due extended times for Mexican citizens to process their paperwork at the USA border. Please remember that you will need your passport and a visa.

Figure 1: Photo of our favorite local car (as long as we don't have to rely on it) parked in front of the Alamos town market.

Below is Glenn Alcorn's April 2013 account.

Tufesa bus lines: night bus from Tucson to Navajo, change of bus to Alamos

I arrived at 1830 at the Tufesa bus terminal at 550 S. 12th Ave, Tucson, AZ to catch a 1930 bus to Navajoa. I was informed that tickets were going on sale at 1900 for the 1930 bus. At 1900 I purchased the ticket ($61 USDollars) and made a seat reservation for a window about 2/3 towards the back of the bus. At that time I was informed the bus would be about a half hour late. The bus boarded all ten of us and left at 2000.

Inside was very clean and comfortable. TV consoles dropped down to provide entertainment in Spanish at low volume. Also, there were two very clean toilets in the rear of the bus. I had plenty of room with an empty seat next to me.

First stop was across the border at Nogales. An immigration official asked for US citizens whereupon I produced my still-valid 6 month visa. We then paraded off the bus with our luggage into a room where we lined up and pushed a "red" button on a machine. The bus was taken to be washed and cleaned and then we re-boarded after about twenty minutes.

About four more stops were made throughout the night at various cities including Hermosillo, the capitol of Sonora. I managed to sleep between all of them.

The bus arrived in Navajoa at 0530. I asked where the bus to Alamos leaves and I was instructed to go around the block and catch the local bus (TBC) first leaving at 0630.

After purchasing my ticket ($30 MX pesos), I was lucky to get a seat in the second row when boarding. This particular bus stopped very often along the way and picked up school children and workers on their way to Alamos. In fact, the bus was so overcrowded that no one was allowed to board after 5 or 6 stops.

We arrived in Alamos an hour later at 0730. All in all, less than 12 hours of clean comfort with just one bus change. I look forward to the opportunity again.

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