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Map of Alamos, Sonora, Mexico

[Sketch map of Alamos, Mexico showing major streets, plazas: 20k]

  1. Plaza de Las Armas in front of the church has a hotel and bar, cafes, shops and the museum.
  2. Parque de Alameda plaza is surrounded by shops. Bancrecer with an ATM is on the south side of Madero as you continue west.
  3. El Mercado is the main market.
  4. El Palacio town hall with offices, patio and stage for the music festival and other events.
  5. Calle Obregõn and nearby streets have hotels, cafes, art and craft vendors and shops.
  6. Tiangus Sunday market held in the Arroyo La Aduana.
  7. Teresita's Panadería and Bistro
  8. Barrio Perico

Roads going out from the edge of the map:

This map is based on one in The Stately Homes of Alamos, by Leila Gillette.

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