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Events calendar, Alamos, Sonora, Mexico

This is a general listing of events. Check out the bulletin boards located at the Museo and the calendar at https://www.alamosmexico.com/. There are many local clubs, openings and other events. Please note that many venues shut during the summer.

5-pointed red, blue, green and organd pinatas for sale in an Alamos, Sonora, Mexico barrio

Events in Alamos


Homes Tours
Check with the Museo on the Plaza de Armas or your hotel for times. Amigos de Educacion sponsor this guided tour of 3 beautiful homes in the historical district. The fee is used by the Scholarship Fund to sponsor children of Alamos to continue their education.

Sunday morning market held along the Arroyo Aduana.

Mass at the La Parroquia de la Purisima Concepcion
Times are usually inside the entrance to the church. Weddings are special and wonderful watching from a polite distance.

Figure 1: Homemade traditional piñatas for sale in an Alamos barrio. Photo by Joan Gould Winderman

Figure 2: Little clown waiting for the parade to start. Photo by Joan Gould Winderman

Little boy clown in pink and orange in front of an orange and white wall, waiting for the parade, Alamos, Sonora, Mexico


mid-January: Music Festival Dr. Alfonso Ortiz Tirado and Art Walk Festival - national and international musicians perform throughout the week


5: Constitution Day


21: Benito Juarez Day and first day of spring parade


5: Cinco de Mayo parade in the Plaza de Armas


Off season - the main event is the monsoon rains!


mid-September: Cry for Independence re-enactment at city hall and at Independence Day Parade


1-2: Celebration of Day of the Dead, cemetery all day and evening, the Museo often has special exhibits and events

mid-November: Virgin de Balvanera Festival - Procession from Alamos Plaza de Armas to La Aduana, Festival of the Virgin de Balvanera in La Aduana

late November: Revolution Day Parade on Plaza de Armas


early December: Patronales (Festival of the Patron Saint of Alamos) a week long series of events in the Plaza de Armas

12: Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Patron Saint of Mexico

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