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Galleries and shops in Alamos

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[pillows with stuffed animals: 20k]

Alamos reflects Mexico's varied past. Spanish colonial traders brought goods from Asia to Acapulco. The wealthy looked to Europe. Alamos ladies ordered their gowns from Paris. In the pueblos, the Mayo and Yaqui Indians blended their traditional ceremonies with Christianity.

The galleries and shops reflect this international, yet very local mix of art, antiques and craft. The larger shops list prices in dollars, the smaller ones in pesos; ask if you aren't sure. Business hours vary. Look for these numbers (1) to find the locations on our Alamos sketch map.

Figure 1: Pillows and dolls designed by Elizabeth Nuzum and sewn by Carmen Rosas.

[Stylized black, white and red Mayo mask: 13k]

Figure 2: Pascola dance mask

[Embroidery of black-haired Alamos girl riding a red bird: 18k]

Figure 3: Delightful embroidery by Martha de Bustillo. Alamos artisans sell embroidery and other crafts under the portal outside the hotels on Calle Obregõn and in some shops.

It's fun looking into small shops of all sorts, at the souvenir booths on the church plaza and at the Sunday Tianguis Market (6) just to see what turns up. I have found good handblown glass, fancy hair ribbon rosettes for little girls and wonderfully gaudy costume jewelry. Some of the horsehair hat bands, key rings and belts are made locally. Copper comes from the village of Santa Clara del Cobre near Pãtzcuaro. Tianguis usually has some miniature pottery and wood carvings made in the south. One table had a few silver milagros. The local bent-wood furniture may have borers if the wood wasn't cut in the right season.

At Christmas, look for shimmering cut-mylar ornaments, handmade wood ornaments and papiermâché figurines. The town market (3) has seasonal piñatas. At Easter, festival booths sell cascarones, colorful egg and paper cones filled with confetti to represent flowers. When someone breaks one over your head, you are showered with God's grace.

  • Other places to look for crafts are the craft guild shop in Aduana and the Navojoa city market. See Day trips and tours from Alamos

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