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Day trips and tours from Alamos

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Day trips

[entrance to the Spanish colonial church, Aduana, Sonora, Mexico: 33k]

Aduana's mines made Alamos rich. Its intimate historic church dates from 1630. The cactus growing high on the west wall is considered a miracle cactus whose shadow resembles the Virgin Mary. The stones beneath it are saturated with wax from offering candles. Aduana is quiet most of the time, its old walls crumbling among remains of the mines.

Arroyo Mentidero to Rio Cuchujaqui is a nice hike with a mix of desert and tropical birds, plants, animals and insects.

Yavaros and Hutabampito are at two ends of a bay. The long white sand beach and tidal estuary between them is an important birding area.

[fishing boats and pelicans, Yavaros, Sonora, Mexico: 13k]

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