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Sonoran specialties

[Sign for cajeta for sale on a colonial building in Alamos, Mexico: 33k]

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Look for these numbers (6) to find the locations on our Alamos sketch map.

Figure 1: Cajeta for sale from a home in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.

If you have a kitchen in Alamos:

Except for government subsidized items, food in Mexico is not cheap and the quality is uneven. Bring items you don't want to do without from the States if you are driving down for a week or two. There is a Walmart in Hermosillo and supermarkets in all the cities on the way down. If you are visiting someone, good wine, cheese, crackers and chips or chocolates make nice gifts.

Water: Bottled water is available in Alamos. We brought our own drinking water down from Tucson in 5 gallon containers. Town water may be temporarily shut off to allow the big cistern on top of the hill to refill. Most homes and businesses have added water tanks (tinacos) to store water for use during the day.

Electrical power may go off. Have at least one flashlight. Use a surge protector with your computer. Often there are no properly grounded outlets.

There is a depot for bottled gas refills on the north side of the highway coming into town. They allow partial refills and it is worth taking your bottle in to refill it. If you rely on the truck that comes around, they may give you an old rusted bottle in exchange for your empty one.

If you want to bring food items back into the United States, ask at US Customs at the border for the list of what is allowed in. They may inspect and confiscate fresh food items on return, including ones from the States.

Shopping on the highway down: (See our Highway driving guide to Alamos, Sonora, Mexico from Tucson, AZ, USA)

Shopping in town:

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