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Beat the tin roof drum

shake down writhing cascades, dance

rattlesnakes of rain.

Sky open flower

at dawn rose flare above blue

mountain maintains earth.

Creosote, urine

of coyote, musk scent of

javalina rain.

Good luck gecko likes

for catching bugs at night

the house alarm pad light.

Sunday at church heat

funeral fans flutter like

ruffling captive doves.

Monsoon moon-edged clouds:

the crickets sing beneath arched

shadows of portals.

Lavender light lies

lazy, pillowed along the

mountain slopes of dawn.


High born from thunder,

first red rain drifts

veiling sun gone gold.

Coyote crys; now two,

three and more answer from hills

lit by new moonlight.


Jazz rock country moon,

hot flat out asphalt twirls

the feather boa night.


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